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Good Children’s Books on Nutrition & Healthy Eating 2016

When it comes to learning, nothing beats a good children’s book. While there are many helpful apps available to teach your kids about health and wellness, a book can be an engaging resource.

One of the best ways to encourage more plant-based eating is to start it at a young age. That means getting kids interested in and exposed to all different foods with an emphasis on produce.

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Review & Giveaway: Teddy Tries a Veggie

Did you know that a 2013 Stanford study found that children who read stories about food have a better understanding of what types of food are healthy and voluntarily eat more vegetables than kids who were exposed to conventional teaching about healthy foods?


Things That Make People Go Aww Review

I am a huge advocate for reading to children, especially my own child. I also encourage healthy eating in our house. Teddy Tries a Veggie helps me accomplish both of those goals. Teddy is a 6 year old little girl that loves to garden and help in the kitchen but she hates vegetables. I have a 5 year old little girl that also loves to garden and help in the kitchen. However, I’m lucky, she’ll eat a fair amount of vegetables.


Encourage Kids to Try New Vegetables with this Fun eBook

There have been times — and there still are — when food has been a struggle for us with the girl. We like a much more varied menu than she does, and would be a lot closer to vegetarian without her influence over our meal planning.

Sometimes reading a book or watching a show about a topic makes it easier to open the door to discussion and maybe actually encourage kids to try new vegetables, too.

Cook with Brooke: Teddy Tries a Veggie

Do you like vegetables? Do you dread those veggies sitting on your plate? In the book ‘Teddy Tries a Veggie’ there are lots of facts and fun things about veggies to help you like them. I show you a few ideas as well 😉 Hope you enjoy ‘Cook with Brooke’!

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Macaroni Review: Teddy Tries a Veggie

Macaroni Kid was invited to review the book: Teddy Tries a Veggie by Jennifer Glockner. In a nut shell, this story tells  of a little girl who absolutely dislikes vegetables… that is until she meets some singing fruits and vegetables! I read this story with my youngest Macaroni Munchkin and she absolutely loved the story.


Smartee Plate Empowers Kids to Become Smart Eaters

A 2013 Stanford study concluded that children who read stories about food better understand what types of food are healthy and voluntarily eat more vegetables than children who were exposed to conventional teaching.


Teddy Tries a Veggie children’s book

September is Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month. The Author of Teddy Tries a Veggies-the first in a series of ebooks about children and nutrition-knows our struggles and hopes she can help with stories we can share with our children.


Book Nook: Teddy Tries a Veggie

My kids loved reading this book. I can attest to the fact that reading and learning more about food helped them become less picky and more adventurous when it came to trying new things! Even though they’re over the really picky stage, it was a good book to help them learn more about making healthy choices, and why it’s so important.