Smartee Plate Kids’ Club


Introducing the Fruit and Veggie Rock Star of the Month Club, showcasing a particular fruit or vegetable each month. Smartee Plate Kids’ Club members will decide which fruit or vegetable to showcase. Help choose the next Rock Star of the Month!

Join the Smartee Plate Kids’ Club!  Download a certificate to become an official member.  Don’t forget to click on the other activity links on this page so you can enjoy a healthy serving of fun while learning more about smart eating!!

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Coloring Pages

Check out these fun coloring pages!

Try, Try, Try Again

Ever try a fruit, veggie, or other food you didn’t like? It can actually take up to 12 times to like a food. Let’s try, try, try and see if you like it. You might actually love it! (And if you don’t, that’s OK too.) Use this chart to help track your tries.

Think Bright

Take this fun quiz to see how much you have learned with Teddy and friends!

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